Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back off Jimmy!

Yes Jimmy, please BACK OFF! I know Starbucks makes NO sense, but darn it, I'm having a rough week and haven't had time to be organized. That will change as of tomorrow.
I am grumpy and hungry. My head hurts a little and nothing seems to shift it.
I had a granola bar and banana for breakfast - $0.69
Lunch 1 - Didn't have time to make it, so lunch was a granola bar, apple and diet coke - $1.51
Lunch 2 - Eggs, spinach, mushrooms and toast - $1.61
Total so far - $3.81, that's less than a dollar left for dinner.
For dinner tonight I am being fed by friends. I am helping the wife with some web work in return for dinner. Some people, Jimmy, don't think this is right. But I think I can be creative and find ways to get supplemental food, so long as I don't buy it.
I think tomorrow onwards will be easier.

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