Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Have I Learned So Far - Half Way Through

1) Your brain really does need food
2) Your body really does need food
3) I can be pretty darn snippy after several days of not enough food - sorry Jimmy
4) It is perfectly possible to eat a decent amount on $4.72 - but it's either healthy or enough, you can't really have both.
5) If you chose healthy, or close too, you only get 1200 or so calories, which for someone my height etc isn't enough to not lose weight and not enough to workout as much as I normally do
6) If you aren't organized this is impossible
7) Starbucks just doesn't fly
8) I am addicted to soda, need to get on cutting that out after this is over, probably should have done that before I started as it does eat a ton of $$$
9) I have some super supportive friends - so many of you are so sweet to keep offering to buy me coffee or food!
10) Not eating much does mess with your mind about not really needing to eat - if I didn't have to have a totally clear mind this week I would probably not bother eating that much and come in right on or way below budget
11) Living on food stamps is probably just not a great way to live. If you don't happen to live above a Safeway or down the street from a Trader Joes you options are probably even more limited. If you live in a crappy neighbourhood or the country, this could be even harder.
12) I still don't like rice or beans!

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