Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No I will not eat rice and beans!

Ok, ok, I understand rice and beans are cheap and nutritious, however...if you don't like them they don't work.....so please stop suggesting them!!!
Yes, I'm flipping hungry. Running 15K on Sunday and doing this challenge makes for a tough combo.
Sunday I came in about a dollar under the $4.72. I had some homemade banana bread and peanut butter later in the evening.
Total for Sunday - $3.72
Monday I had a granola bar on my way to school, a second one at school, a pb and apple sandwich for lunch followed by eggs, toast, mushrooms and spinach again for dinner. 100% not enough calories. Total for Monday - $3.69 with 2 soda's included. $5.64 with the tea from Starbucks, so still under for the week by a few cents.
Walked for a couple of hours around the city and up the Coit Tower stairs. Energy level ok.

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